Work a wool bodycon skirt

When 1 of my favourite US retailers has items that go on sale, this chick takes notice.  A lightweight knit bodycon skirt is incredibly versatile, so I knew that it would be mine.  I paired the Tobi skirt with a D-ring black knit top from Soeurs.

Alas, the skirt got snagged on a sharp edge and tore a hole in the skirt after just 1 wear : (  But it was stylish while it lasted.

Yellow yellow dirty fellow

I went crazy bonkers mad bananas over this asymetrical hem skirt and ordered it in fuschia.  The light neoprene was so comfortable and didn't cut into my waist after a full lunch, so I pretty much went ahead and bought the same design in electric blue, white and yellow.

Visible stitching on the skirt added subtle pattern, so I could pair my yellow fella with a plain black crop knit for a burst of sunshine.

Marble and white denim

It's only now, after starting the blog, that I realise how many marble print clothes I own!  Whilst I love them so darned much, perhaps I should think of adding other patterns to update my wardrobe for 2018.  For the right mix of girly, sassy and flirty, MDS is 1 of my must-visit shops.

Decent quality fabrics, good stitching and the cutest designs keep this customer loyal.  Here, I paired their super comfy gathered off-shoulder marble print babe with white stretch denim shorts and slippers for getaway style.  Loving the shiny sterling silver chain which I looped around twice to wear as an anklet.

Work a sexy cut-out skirt

I had this gorgeous light purple cut-out hottie lying in my closet for like forever.  Because it isn't appropriate for work and mummy will disown me if I ever wear something like this in front of her, I couldn't find the right occasion to wear it.

Then hubster wanted to take me along for a gathering at his colleague's home.  It was the first time I would meet her family, especially her parents and husband.  So I paired the skirt with a Fly Me To Paris black little mesh cropped top, accessorised with silver dangling earrings and I was ready for a fun night.

1 pair of jeans, 1 cruise, 3 looks - Look 3

So it was time to say goodbye and disembark from the ship *sob*  I'd bought this striped Mango tee from Zalora for an unbelievable $9.90 (it's still available, go go go!) and paired it with the jeans.

Stripes are a neutral on their own and can be worn with so many other bottoms.  I'll probably match this with cute skirts on some other days.

1 pair of jeans, 1 cruise, 3 looks - Look 2

It's starting to look like an olive jacket and jeans ensemble theme and I apologise for that, but it was chilly!  I'd originally thought of wearing the navy crop top on its own with a mesh choker.

Sans jacket, the outfit works with a mesh top over the crop and pointed toe black heels.  But I'm a light packer so I don't care :P

1 pair of jeans, 1 cruise, 3 ways - Look 1

So hubs booked us onto the Leisure World for a 3D2N cruise to bloody nowhere.  I'm not a gambler, but just having a change of environment was extremely appealing.  I'd excitedly planned my wardrobe to work around a new yellow skirt, but when the departure date rolled around, it bloody rained.

So I decided to wear jeans instead and changed all the matching tops and accessories immediately! :P  Since the weather was chilly, I could debut a new addition to my wardrobe - an olive velvet jacket I'd bought from Pomelo a couple of weeks back.

I paired the jeans and jacket with a simple white tank top that had a butterfly strap motif at the back, and used a striped sash as a belt.  For accessories, I chose a silver toggle necklace an ex colleague bought me from H&M Hong Kong, white gold hoop earrings, Givenchy lizard print bracelet and silver stretch bracelet.

A huge Cavalli tote matched with orange heels completed the look.